Creating the perfect home office....

So a lot of us are having to work from home at the moment. So how do we create the perfect home office?

1. Where possible set up your workspace near a window to embrace the natural light. It can be difficult to stay motivated when working from home so make sure you have natural light and a window to let the fresh air in. A dark gloomy corner can make you feel tired and uninspired.

2. Remember to add some lamps too. It will add that extra bit of light whilst adding a touch of style to your new workspace.

3. Create a cosy area to think, create and read. Add some soft furnishing to brighten up the space. Afterall you'll need somewhere lush to take those all important coffee breaks.

4. Add some candles or diffusers to create a calm stress free enviroment.

So we've created the perfect at home work space now its time get back to work?

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Thank you for reading and happy working from home!

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